Saturday, June 02, 2007


Nolan makes a lot of noises that sound like little squeaks, so he has earned the nickname, "Squeaky." He was getting tired of the swing, bouncer, and play gym rotation, so we had to bring out a new contraption. Nana and Grandpa got him this Baby Einstein play jumper/saucer thingamabob. Uncle B and Aunt Kellie were here last night and they say that it looks like a giant spider. He loves it. I wish you could have heard him squealing with delight while looking at the sunflower. He thought it was so funny.

Sister had to get in on the action


Laura said...

How fun! They are both getting so big. I think Nolan looks like your brother even more so. I love this age when their personalities really start coming out.

Mandy Hawes said...

Nolan is such a cutie pie- they both are. I can't believe how big he is!! Can't wait to see you guys and hear his little squeaks!