Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kaylee is sneaky!

Okay, so I leave the room for 2 seconds and look what Kaylee did. I walked back in and saw her with a pen and her brother's feet! Yes, she was once again decorating her brother! He was laughing, though! He thought it was hilarious!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Do not read this post if you have Tivo'ed Gray's Anatomy and have not watched it yet!

Okay, I just need to vent! First of all, let me just say that the highlight of my week is watching Gray's. So, I am expecting the season finale to be the highlight of the season. No. It was just depressing. Nothing turned out the way it should. Christina and Burke didn't get married. Meredith and McDreamy are ending. George failed his test. Bailey didn't get Chief Resident. Addison is leaving. Alex didn't get Ava (not too upset about that one, though. She needs to be with her hubby.) In my opinion, Izzy never should have professed her love for George. Grrr. And no previews for next season? Come on. Leave me hanging. Leave me wanting more!

Okay, now Lexie, the new resident at the end, is that Meredith's sister? And is that the girl Derek met in the bar last week? If so, that could be interesting. And was Christina happy or sad when she was ripping the wedding dress off? What will George do? Please tell me he is not leaving the show.

Even though I am not happy with the finale, I will still be watching the next season!

What are your thoughts on the season finale?

Is she a ham?

Kaylee loves to hold her baby brother!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

We went out to eat at Saltgrass and went to the Angels (they were playing the Rangers) game for Mother's Day. Here are a few pictures. Hopefully my Mom will post more on her blog, so check her link, "Mom," over on the right!

Oh, and congratulations to my Sister-in-law for graduating from ACU on Saturday with her Master's Degree in Speech Pathology! Way to go, Kellie!

Granna and Kaylee at Saltgrass

Nolan's first Angel's game

Granna and Kaylee at the game

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mom! Uh-oh, I've been caught!

Kaylee is a very sneaky child. Nathan was supposed to be watching her while Nolan and I were out for some errands. I returned home and took Kaylee by surprise. I was much more surprised than her, though. I heard water and when I walked into the bathroom, it was overflowing from the sink onto the floor! Kaylee said she was giving her Barbie's and Polly Pocket's a "B*th." It was SOO much fun to clean up. Especially the little bits of toilet paper she was using i the water as "wash cloths."

Does she look guilty or what?

We love co-op. We watch kids once a month and then get to go out on two dates a month for 5 HOURS!! This was from the last time we hosted the kids. It is very rare for all five of them to sit on the couch and be still. They were really into Peter Pan. It only lasted about 30 minutes, though. 30 glorious minutes!

I've been promising some new pics of Nolan. Here he is yesterday hanging out in his play gym. He loves looking at everything.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Wonderful Husband

Nathan surprised me last night! He had my friend Stacey call and ask me to go to dinner. I didn't know that he had hired a babysitter and he was actually taking me to dinner. He recruited Stacey so that I would get ready in time because I told him yesterday that I just wanted to veg out and not even put on any makeup. (I was looking forward to dinner with you though, Stacey!) I was gone for my birthday, so he decided to take me out last night. He took me to PF Chang's. It was great. Then he gave me this wonderful necklace. This was really special because it is the first piece of jewelry that he has bought me other than my engagment ring! So, I was shocked. It has a sapphire at the top for Kaylee's birthstone, a diamond, and then an aquamarine stone for Nolan's birthstone. It is beautiful! (The picture did not turn out that great, it doesn't really do it justice!)

Monday, May 07, 2007

On Turning 30 . . .

Birthday gift from Townie

Eating at Chilli's for birthday

I had a wonderful 30th birthday weekend with my college roommates. We went to my friend Jennifer's lakehouse to scrapbook and catch up! Spending time with these girls really helped me get over how depressed I was over turning 30. It was great to relive all the college memories and help me feel young again! I will post some pics that Jennifer took and you check out "Jennifer O.'s" blog(link on the right) for more pics.

What I've accomplished in my 20's . . . (I am stealing this idea from my friend, Lynley)

I started out my 20's living with my awesome roommates in Abilene at ACU. Not too long after turning 20 I started dating Nathan. Little did I know he would be my future husband! I turned 21 (spent it with the same girls I spent my 30th with!). I graduated with a degree in Human Communication. I went back for my teaching certificate. I student taught in ABilene. I got married in June 2000. We wemt to Cancun on our honeymoon. I started my teaching career. We became members of our church, where I have met some awesome friends. I went on a 3 week camping trip with Nathan around the Western United States. We went on a cruise to the Bahamas and Virgin Islands. We went to Alaska. We made many trips to California. We bought our first house in 2002. Helped my parents move out of my childhood home. I had my first child, Kaylee, at the age of 26. I broke my foot and had surgery. We moved to our current house. I lost my first grandparent, Grandpa. I started graduate school at ACU. I had my second child, Nolan at the age of 29. I'm sure there are many more things I can come back to add. . . Overall, I have nothing to complain about. My 20's were wonderful. I feel like I accomplished some of the most important tasks of my life during my 20s. What a wonderful life . . .