Monday, December 22, 2008

We've been busy . . . but it is slowing down now!

Things have been very busy around here.  We are now on a 2 week break from school and I can feel much of the stress being lifted off of my shoulders.  Here is a little bit of what we have been up to.  In no particular order . . .

In November, Nathan's parents came for Thanksgiving.  It was interesting considering my oven had gone out and we had no oven for Thanksgiving.  I managed to make a ham in a roaster oven, dressing in the crockpot (thanks to the crockpot lady!), buy some pies, and everything else was done on the stovetop.  We did get a new oven the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, though.   
Here is a picture of Kaylee and her Nana baking Nana's famous chocolate chip cookies.  They are huge! 

The first weekend in December, Santa made is annual visit on the fire truck.  Nolan was more excited that there was a fire truck in front of our house than the fact that Santa was here.  Santa brought him a candy cane, and here is the aftermath . . .
(Yuck . . . I can't stand being sticky.  Just looking at the pictures makes my skin crawl.)

Santa and the kids

Santa talking to Nolan

Kaylee likes to "read" before bed after we read to her.  I went downstairs to finish up the laundry and when I came back upstairs, this is how she was sleeping.  She fell asleep while reading the book.  She was out.  We were able to safely remove the book without her waking up.

And finally, December 12 I finished my graduate degree and received my M.Ed. in Leadership of Learning.  After two and a half years, and and a really patient husband, I am thrilled to be done.  
Here is a picture of the majority of the Leadership of Learning students.  There were 36 of the 39 of us at graduation.  Nathan was trying to take a picture over the crowd.  I feel like I know these people all very well, even though we live in all different parts of the state.  One of our graduates actually finished her degree in Germany.  

And, the big moment . . .

(Mom has some better pictures of me getting hooded.  Nathan was trying to wrangle kids at the time.  I will have to share those later.)

Thanks for stopping by to share some of our memories!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's the Most Magical Time of the Year

It is that time of year again.  One of my favorite things about this time of year is getting out my Christmas Village.  My mom gets me a piece from the Dept. 56 Snow Village every year.  This year, I had so many things that I had to get Nathan cut me out a large piece of wood to put it all on.  Nolan is obsessed with it.  He wants us to hold him up all the time so that he can look at it.  He really likes the carousel and watching the horses go around.  It also plays Christmas music.

Village with the lights on

Close up of some of the village

The village with the living room lights off

We went with Nathan's parents to the Ice exhibit at a local upscale hotel.  It is really  fascinating.  Everything is made out of ice and they keep it at 9 degrees.  Some of the ice is colored.  They give everyone a blue parka as you go through the winter wonderland.  

The family.  We really wanted the picture-taking to go fast because it was so cold.

At the entrance.

Friday, October 31, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

My friend, Laura, tagged me and I am just now getting around to doing this.  So, here I go . . .


1.  I am TERRIFIED of snakes.  This is not just a little fear, but a debilitating fear.  My husband thinks I need counseling for this.  I cannot even watch snakes on TV.  The thought of a snake makes my heart race.  I do not go into the reptile house at zoos.  At the San Diego Zoo, I waited patiently outside in the heat as Nathan and Kaylee strolled through the air conditioned reptile house.  We have found snakes in our pool, so I make Nathan do a complete walk around of the pool and clean out the skimmers before I will get in. 


2.  I secretly want to be a great runner.  I guess that is not so much a secret now!  I am not an athletic person.  I never have been.  However, in May 2007, I was introduced to and their Couch to 5K running program.  This program is designed to take even a couch potato and teach them to run a 5K in 9 weeks.  Now, I am still not running the full 5K.  I have to walk some.  But, I am doing much better than I ever thought I could.  I need some assistance, though.  There is beginning runners class starting again in January and I think I will ask for that for Christmas.  It is only $90 and you do group runs, they teach you the basics, and you train for a 5K.  Then, when you finish that class, you can move onto training for longer distances. 


3.  In December, I will complete one of my life goals.  I will be graduating with my Master’s Degree in Administration with a 4.0.  I am really excited about the possibility of becoming an assistant principal.  However, I know I must be patient because there are limited job opportunities for these positions. 


4.  I can hear tones that most human beings cannot hear.  I can hear dog whistles.  Seriously.  I used to think everyone could.  I can also hear the little machines people plug in to keep mice and rodents away that emit the high-pitched sound.  And, the mosquito cell phone ring that people over 30 are not supposed to hear.  Yep, my students can’t pull that one on me.  It drives me crazy.  I caught someone with it this week.  The great thing is, it makes my students think that I am under 30.  They can think that all they want. 


5.  I played the flute in middle school and I really enjoyed it.  I didn’t want to be a “band nerd” in high school, so I gave it up.  I REALLY wish I had a flute and could still play.  It is relaxing to me. 


6.  I really want a third child, but fear I will have twins.  Twins run in both of our families.  My friend, Pam, had twins the third time around.  I am not sure I could handle four kiddos!


7.  I am also scared of birds.  I have been “deposited” on several times by birds.  Even at the San Diego Zoo.  I have also been attacked by a few birds.  Too many stories, but they tend to go crazy around me. 


I tag Mom, Kellie, and Mandy.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

It's been awhile . . .

There has been so much going on with the start of school, Kaylee's birthday, and many other activities.  Here are a few things we have been up to . . .
(in no particular order!)

Mommy and Kaylee before the LCS ice cream social

This is what happens when you have a big sister . . .

Do you see the scowl on his face?  This is his new favorite look.  Take something away from him, and you get this look.  Say "No!," and you get this look.  Put him in a dress, and you get this look!

"I may be humiliated, but I can still ham it up for the camera!"  We took him to get his haircut yesterday in Abilene.  I told her just to trim it up a bit.  And, she kept cutting, and kept cutting.  I kept saying, "I think that is enough."  And she kept going!  It is really short, but I think it makes him look older!

Kaylee had been begging Nathan for a swing for a long time.  He finally got around to building the kids ones.  We still have to buy a couple more swings for it, but here they are checking it out the first night.

Don't mess with a man and his remote!

Just hanging out.  Trying to act like Daddy!

Kaylee's first day of school.

Kaylee's fifth birthday.  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!
We love you!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dancin' Queen

Kaylee started dance class today.  She is doing a combination tap and ballet class.  I have a feeling this is totally going to be her thing.  She loves to dance.  Nathan's hopes of her being the next Mia Hamm dwindled when she started dancing on the soccer field last year.  However, during dance class, she glowed.  I hope she continues to enjoy it.  Now, if we can just work on her listening skills!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun with Friends

I had a great time last night with my friends from college.  We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then went bowling.  It had been like 10 years since I went bowling (other than playing on the Wii).  It was not a pretty sight.  The gutter is my friend.  Please check out my friend Jennifer's blog for some great pictures of last night and college.  I love these girls and had so much fun!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Allergy Update

Nolan tested negative for Celiac disease.  Yea!!  However, the doctor referred us to an allergist today at Dallas Medical City.  We were lucky enough to get in today.  Quick synopsis:  We spent about 3 hours at Dr. W's office.  It was very educational.  They first did a complete history and interview. Then, the doctor examined him and looked over his latex reaction.  After examining him, he said, "I am going to have one of my team members take the kids into another room to play because we have a lot to talk about."  My heart sank.  I began the worrying process.  He started by educating us on all allergies.  Then, he discussed what his concerns were for Nolan.  We were told what to avoid and that we would become very acquainted with Whole Foods.  He had one of his educators come in and teach us several things such as: asthma signs to look for, allergy signs to look for, how to use the EpiPen we were given along with a DVD to take home, and 5 yellow credit cards that list all the ingredients he cannot have.  There is a card for milk, wheat, soy, peanut, and egg.  Each card has about 20-30 items to avoid on it.  We were also given instructions on how to bathe him and treat his eczema.  We were given three prescriptions and told to avoid all of these foods for a month.  Then, we will go back and meet with him.  We may be able to begin re-introducing some of the foods (wheat, egg).  However, milk will not be re-introduced until he is at least 4 and that will be a Food Challenge in the office.  He will be closely monitored by medical professionals as spends several hours taking sips of milk every few hours.  Anyway, there is a TON more information, but my brain is overloaded right now.  I promised an update, so I just wanted to give everyone  a quick rundown.  I tried to go to Sprouts tonight and had a bit of a mini-meltdown as I picked up every label to read.  Almost everything I picked up had something on one of the yellow cards.  We may live on fruits and veggies around here for awhile.  Thank goodness Nolan loves fruit and he is getting most of his nutrients from Alimentum right now.  Thank you for all of your support during this new era in our lives!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Allergies are no fun!

Please say a little prayer for Nolan.  We are waiting on some test results for him.  We went to the doctor last week and she sent us to get bloodwork done to determine what all he is allergic to.  Well, to start off with, we know he is allergic to latex now.  He had a reaction to the latex gloves they used when drawing the blood.  He has all of these sores all over his arms.  You can see where the nurse's fingertips were touching him.  They look like little burns on his arm.  Then, he had scraped his knee last week and I put a band-aid on him.  What started out as a sore the size of a pencil eraser turned into a sore bigger than a quarter and you could see where the band-aid was stuck to him.  The band-aid had latex in it.  So, now we have to find latex-free band-aids.  We got some results on Friday.  Nolan is mildly allergic to egg whites, he is never to let a peanut touch him, and allergic to wheat, corn, and soy.  Those last three things are in every label you pick up!!  I am having a hard time finding snacks for this boy!  We should get the rest of the results today or tomorrow and then discuss more of this with the doctor.  They are testing him for Celiac Disease.  I can live with food allergies, but if it is Celiac disease, which is basically a gluten allergy, that is something he can never outgrow. And, the whole family will have to change our diet to avoid cross-contamination.  At least he is a very happy little boy!  So, please say a little prayer for us.  I will keep everyone updated when we find out.  


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I like . . .

Dr. Pepper not Pepsi
Fox News not CNN
the Angels not the Yankees
Mac not PC
Dogs not cats
Letterman not Leno (Nathan likes Leno.  This means there is a lot of channeling flipping around 10:35!)
Sean Hannity more than Rush Limbaugh
Hot dogs not hamburgers (unless it is In N Out burgers)
CSI not Law and Order
Baseball not basketball
Nike not Addidas
Lounging by the pool not swimming
Grey's Anatomy not ER
Facebook more than myspace
Taco Bueno not Taco Bell
Hannah Montana not Sponge Bob
Chicken not fish
Wii Fit not PS2
Running on the treadmill not outside
Saturdays not Mondays
Target not Wal-Mart
RV camping not tent camping

I like Mom's chocolate pie, the beach, family dinners, Nathan's work ethic, Nolan's laugh, Kaylee's smile, finishing homework, watching a child finally "get it," Days of Our Lives, American Girl, finding a good deal, wine, Costco, Gymboree, Ann Taylor Loft, Sprouts, teaching, coffee, warm brownies, bare minerals makeup, traveling, time with girl friends, and cooking.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fun at the Beach

We have been enjoying time in the central California beach town of Cayucos. Nathan's aunt lives there and it has been a family tradition for their family to attend the 4th of July parade and festivities. Nathan's parents rent a beach house and we gladly join them for many fun family activitites. Here are just a few pictures from the week. I will try to post more later!!

Daddy's little surfer girl

Nathan and I at the parade

Kaylee posing in her wetsuit

Can you tell she really loved the wetsuit?

Nolan is thinking, "Sister, get off the Boogie board."

Future Lil' Surfer Man

Kaylee, Me, and Nathan geocaching on the beach

Nolan running to the water to see what Daddy is doing

Daddy and Kaylee going out to Boogie board

Kaylee and Tia Marlene checking out the seals from the pier

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wedding #2

Kaylee was the flower girl for her Uncle Dustin's wedding.  Here are some pictures from the beautiful wedding.  It was an outside wedding and was just gorgeous.  Then, there was dinner and dancing in the ballroom.  Enjoy!


The back of Kaylee's dress

The "boys"

Kaylee and Ely

Kaylee and Nolan walking after the wedding

Dustin and his niece and nephews

Nolan dancing with Kelly during the dollar dance

Kaylee and Nana dancing

"Mom, my feet hurt!  I'm taking off my shoes!"

Nathan dancing with his Mom.  This is a rare occurrence to see Nathan dancing, so I had to get a picture!

The grandkids

For my mother-in-law's birthday, Mandy and I took all of the kids to get the pictures made together.  We thought it was going to be a fiasco to get all four kids to smile and participate, but they did amazingly well.  Here are the four grandkids . . .