Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Little Man

Nolan is now 13 months old and he is a handful!  He is a little climber who is sure to give me a heart attack.  I find him standing on top of chairs and the back of the couch leaning against the window!  And he is so proud of himself.  He jabbers all the time, I just don't know much of what he is saying.  Right now, he says, "Taint ew,"  for "Thank you."  "Daddy, Momma, Kay-ee, Ball, and I uv ew," are his favorite things to say.  He is a charmer!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Home Away from Home

In January, we bought a new travel trailer.  We are very excited to start using it.  We have only been on one trip so far.  We met my parents and Papaw in Fredericksburg one weekend.  That was so much fun.  The kids loved it.  We plan on using it quite a bit this summer with a trip to Idaho and California planned.  The best part is that we can save money by stopping at roadside parks and getting in the trailer to make a sandwich or go to the restroom.  The worst part, however, will be the gas prices!  It cost a whole lot just to go to Fredericksburg.  It will not be in our possession for about the next 3 to 4 weeks because it will be getting fixed due to the lovely hail storm that came through here.  So, after only one trip, it has to go visit the doctor!  
The full 26 foot trailer

The kitchen area

Couch, dining table.  You can see our "bedroom" behind the couch.

Refrigerator, door to bathroom

The kid's bunkbeds.  Kaylee is really excited about these.