Sunday, June 17, 2007

I heart Kenny!

Okay, I've had a major crush on Kenny Chesney for awhile. My dear, sweet husband was nice enough to watch the kiddos so that I could go out with the girls to the Kenny Chesney concert last night. It was so much fun, even if took forever to get there in a downpour and hiking a mile in the mud and rain to get there! I really hope Stacey will blog about our experience because she is much funnier than I am! Make sure to check her blog, "Stacey", over there on the right. Kenny looked great and played for quite awhile. And the people-watching we got to do was FANTASTIC!

Stacey and Golda as we waited FOREVER in traffic

Stacey and Me

Me, Stacey, and Golda


stacey said...

It WAS a BLAST! You girls make me laugh so much! I will post as soon as possible, hopefully with more pics from Golda!

Jennifer said...

I love Kenny too! I'm so glad you got to go see him.