Sunday, November 18, 2007

AND . . .HE'S OFF!

Nolan is now crawling and he is into everything. I have discovered that we have way too many entrances into our family room. I feel like everytime I turn around I am dragging him back into the room. But, he is so much fun. He has quite the charming personality!

Here is Kaylee in the cheerleading uniform I had made for her for the football and baseball games. She wore it to the playoff game Thursday night so that she could look like the big cheerleaders. She can't wait to rub it in to her Granna that she got to stand on the big blue star in the middle of "Texas Stan-dee-um." In fact, she is sitting on the floor with her Daddy right now, eating popcorn and just saw the "big blue star" and said, "I stood on that!"

A rare picture of Kaylee being sweet to her brother. Aren't they sweet?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

What I love right now . . .

I decided I should share some of my favorite things right now . . .


I drink one of these everyday. My favorite flavor is Cran Raspberry. And they only have 10-20 calories! Check out this website for more info.

Curly Girl

This is a great book if you have naturally curly hair. I learned about it if from another blog and ordered it. I have had so much fun learning to love my curly hair and learning to fix Kaylee's hair.

Lavender Oil

I found this wonderful lavendar company at Christmas Carousel when I was in Abilene. It is located near Abilene. I needed some lavender after reading the Curly Girl book and I have learned so many great things to do with lavender. It is now our "Night Night" juice and we put some on Kaylee's wrist each night to calm her down. It is one of the only essential oils you can apply directly to the skin. And it supposedly takes the sting out of mosquito bites with one drop on the bite!

Organic Disney Winnie the Pooh Animal Crackers

These are found at Costco in a huge container. We really love them. I first had them this summer when we were in Alaska at Mandy and Darren's house. Kaylee loves them. I couldn't find a pic of them, though.

These are a few of my favorite things . . .
(Make sure you sing the song when you read the above line!)
What do you love right now?