Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just wanted a new post!

I am too tired to put much thought into this. I just really was sick of clicking on my blog and seeing the same post. So, as many of you know I am getting my Conflict Resolution Certification this week. I have been waking up at 4ish everyday this week and driving down south of DFW airport to sit in class from 8-5 each day. Then, I leave there and hope to make it home by 6:30. I am so thankful I don't have to drive far to work each day. I really don't know how people do it. I feel like it is so much time wasted. And yesterday I got the bright idea to wake up at 4 a.m. and go workout out at the gym and shower and get ready there before driving down. I thought this would give me more energy. No. I was zapped by 3:00. But, I will be doing this again tomorrow because I am just too tired to workout after I get home. But, on a brighter note, most of the things we are doing are interactive and I will be a credentialed mediator by Friday. So, anyone know anybody who needs some mediation? I found out yesterday this can be quite profitable. I am thinking of making extra money in the summers doing mediation. Nathan has had a fun time with the kids each day. (That statement was somewhat sarcastic!) He has done a good job, but Tornado Kaylee has hit the house and I am too tired to pick up in the evening. So, it will stay looking like this until Saturday! Oh well!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Spit Happens

The cutesy little "Spit Happens" bibs and shirts annoy me. But now, I have a whole new appreciation for them. I wish everyone could experience an acid reflux baby. Nolan is the sweetest baby, He even has a smile when he is yakking all over us! However, Nathan and I are starting to lose our patience with changing our clothes at least 3 times a day and Nolan's many, many times a day. I wash laundry constantly, epecially burp cloths. We have tried a multitude of formulas and the latest is the wonderfully expensive Alimentum. It smells disgusting and you too can own it for just $25 for a small can. Nolan is getting better at taking the bottle after refusing it at first. But the formula mixed in with his cereal really gags him. The newest round of formula started because he couldn't digest the Enfamil AR which had added rice ceareal. Picture your baby foaming at the mouth with cottage cheese consistency coming out and that it what he was doing. Gross! Then he had blood in his dirty diapers. That would freak any Mom out. So, now we are checking out this new formula. He still spits up, just not quite as much. The doctor switched him from Zantac to Prevacid dissolvable tablets (also fun with a baby). On Monday we go back to the doctor to see if he has a milk allergy. We will be toting along with us a dirty diaper for the doc to inspect. Lovely.

Please pray we will find a solution soon!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Family Fun

We went to Abilene this past weekend and had a great time visiting with my parents and grandparents. Saturday night we went to my Uncle Pete and Aunt Beverly's annual July 4th celebration. They have barbeque and homemade cobblers and ice cream for everyone. This year they had a band and bounce houses and waterslides for the kiddos. Kaylee had a blast. At dark they had fireworks. It was really a great night to catch up with extended family. I think there were about 150 people there.

Grandma Fischer and Nolan

Grandma Fischer and Kaylee

Grandma and Nolan and Kaylee

Nathan and Nolan napping Saturday afternoon

Kaylee on one of the bounce slip and slides Saturday night

Kaylee on the tall slide

Kaylee and Nathan eating BBQ

My Great Aunt Dixie feeding Nolan (She is the best with kids!)

1912 ice cream maker (wonderful homemade ice cream!)

All the fun stuff for the kiddos!

There are more really great pics on my Mom's blog. Check out the link over there on the right.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Here is how we spent our 4th of July:

Kaylee and Nathan at the Double Oak parade

Kaylee saying the fire engine sirens are too loud

Kaylee eating nachos at the Double Oak picnic

Kaylee and Nolan - he is totally snoozing and missing all the fun

Kaylee going down the large water slide