Friday, June 29, 2007

Amazing Women

I have been so blessed by this group of girls. We started out doing a bible study together and some joined later. I really hope they don't mind me sharing this picture and a little about each one. They are great friends and so much fun. These girls host baby showers for you, pray for you, cry with you, laugh with you, and most of all, just let you vent. We try to get together once a month without husbands and children to share what is going on in our lives. Last night we were able to share Shannon's birthday with her. And Laurie and Heather also had birthdays this week! I'll start in the back and go left to right and then go to the front row left to right.


Pam is who you go to when you need advice. She is SuperMom! She has 2 daughters and a set of boy twins. She knows it all when it comes to parenting. And she is hilarious! She can answer just about any question you have.


Okay, Rachel is just so fun. She is our trendy, in-the-know gal. She is mommy to two beautiful girls and a handsome little boy. She does it all and keeps it all together. I really don't think she sleeps.


Shannon is mommy to a sweet boy. She is so real and down-to-earth. We can share teaching stories because we both teach high school. She is an inspiration because she is doing the Couch Potato to 5K program with Stacey and I and she is kicking rear! Way to go on the 25 minute run today! She also just started a blog, so check it out!


Stacey is our resident organizer and party planner. She organizes everything for us, especially our get togethers. And she throws the best darn parties you have ever been to! Her kids parties are great and it is always a treat when she has us over. She is also so giving. She always has fun little gifts for all of us. (Thanks for the awesome cross shirts last night!) She has two precious children, a girl and a boy. And she gives great hand-me-down clothes. (Check out the dress Kaylee is wearing in the botanical garden pics.) Check out her blog over there on the right!


Laurie is great. She keeps us all in the know with the church happenings. She has two beautiful little girls. She is so sincere and you genuinely feel that she cares about what you are saying.


Just read my blog! ;-)


Heather is another do-it-all mom. She is mommy to two cute boys (14 months apart, I believe!). She and I are co-coordinators for cradle roll, but she really does all the work. Thanks!!

I hope that you are all blessed to have a support group like this in your life. They are so fun and wonderful Christian examples. Love you girls!!!


stacey said...

And even more amazing is how we all really look our age-doesn't 27 feel good!!

I am honored to have each one in my life!! Truly!

Shannon said...

I love the picture. You must email me a copy. I also enjoyed your pics from the botanical gardens. I didn't even know Grapevine had one.

Jennifer said...

You are so blessed to have these great friends!

stacey said...

me again! of course you are my #1 commentor/fan! thanks for playing along!