Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ladies Retreat

My church ladies retreat was this weekend at Sky Ranch.  We stayed up way too late each night, but we had a blast.  I conquered a fear of heights and did the zip line this year.  We decided not to go to shopping this year, but to stay and do activities at the camp.  My group of gals did the zip lines and went on a cattle drive.  Stepping off the platform was extremely hard for me.  I was shaking and REALLY wanted to back out.  I was having a very hard time breathing and began to get light headed.  But, I decided it would be much harder to turn around than just continue, so I did it!  You will see the fear in my face!  

Yes, blogger is still giving me fits when I try to rotate pictures the right way.  So, once again, turn your head to the left as you view the non-rotated pics!  Once I get pics of the cattle drive, I will post those and share my thoughts from it!

The tower was really shaking, which made it even harder to stand up there in anticipation!

I am second from the left.  That is Rachel on the far left, then me, Laurie, and Shannon.

I'm in the far left in this pic right after we stepped off.

Yep, that is an embarrassing pic.  I feel like Gayle from the Oprah show where they did a similar thing.  Oprah loves to make fun of her for that.  

Here we are hanging and waiting for them to help us down.  I was still shaking.  I could barely walk afterwards because I was shaking so much!

It was a great trip of renewal.  I loved hanging with my girls and giggling until after 2:00 each morning.  What a wonderful way to spend a weekend!!  Love you girls!!


Jennifer said...

I was wondering when I didn't see you in Canton.........

Glad you had fun. I did the same zip line thing in high school in Colorado on a Young Life trip. Unfortunately, I got up there and did one (about had a heart attack) and the only way to get down was to keep going. I couldn't go back the way I came. I ended up throwing up and was crying so hard. I will NEVER do that again.

Cyndy said...

Love the pictures, they say it all!!!! I'm so glad you went and had a good time.


Phillips Family said...

You are quite brave...I don't think I would have even gone up in the tower!

Erica said...

We had a Ladies Retreat there a few years ago but I chose Canton shopping with the girls over the zip line:) I am glad that you were able to overcome your fear and have an "Oprah" moment all at the same time.