Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kaylee's airport

Kaylee's class has been studying building and transportation. I guess Kaylee has been to a few airports. She decided to build an airport and her teacher labeled what Kaylee told her everything is. I am glad that Kaylee has a teacher that lets her express her creative side.

Kaylee and her creation

Notice the Starbucks lid: Kaylee informed me that this where you go to get coffee. How sad is it that my child recognizes the Starbucks logo!

The red cup is the control tower.

I knew I had to take pictures because the creation won't last for long! Some of the pieces have already disappeared. Hmmm . . .


Cyndy said...

Love it!!! She did a wonderful job. Now, is it my imagination or is her hair straight in that picture? And short! Has it been that long since I've seen her????


stacey said...

it looks mighty close to the real thing! i always love listening to the explanations!

Jennifer said...

What a creative project! I love to see kids express their imaginations!

Jeri said...

Jennifer, I love your blog! Kaylee is so cute and smart!!
Too smart sometimes (sissors)
Your family is beautiful.
Your Cuz,