Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nolan's Birthday

It is so hard for me to believe that my baby turned 1 last weekend!  He is my sweet little snuggle bug.  I love that he will snuggle up next to me and burrow in.  My older child just was not a snuggly baby.  Nolan is such a good boy!  Here are a few pics from his birthday.

Ohh, a cake!

Maybe just a little taste.

That was pretty yummy!  Here's my "Train Conductor" Fun to be One hat!

"Mom, are you sure I can have this?  It tastes too good to be some of my food!"

"Mom, look at my hand.  It has some of this great, sweet stuff on it!"


Jennifer said...

sorry we missed it but was so glad to see you on Tues.

Love the cake, very cute!!

Phillips Family said...

Happy Birthday, Nolan!

Cyndy said...

I love the picture with the hat! We had such a good time and enjoyed seeing you and the kids!