Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wedding #2

Kaylee was the flower girl for her Uncle Dustin's wedding.  Here are some pictures from the beautiful wedding.  It was an outside wedding and was just gorgeous.  Then, there was dinner and dancing in the ballroom.  Enjoy!


The back of Kaylee's dress

The "boys"

Kaylee and Ely

Kaylee and Nolan walking after the wedding

Dustin and his niece and nephews

Nolan dancing with Kelly during the dollar dance

Kaylee and Nana dancing

"Mom, my feet hurt!  I'm taking off my shoes!"

Nathan dancing with his Mom.  This is a rare occurrence to see Nathan dancing, so I had to get a picture!


Phillips Family said...

Kaylee is SO incredibly beautiful in that dress!

Looks like the wedding was a blast and good job to you and Mandy for getting four kids to do so well in pictures!

Laura said...

I love all the pics! Glad to see you made it to all your destinations! I've been thinking about you! Your kids are beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Once again, the kids look precious. Kaylee is going to come to expect a wedding every weekend!

Cyndy said...

What beautiful children!!!!! I miss them. Nolan seemed a little bored with all the happenings. Thanks for posting the pictures!


Jeri said...

Jennifer....your children are beautiful, you and Nate are wonderful parents.

stacey said...

these are so amazing! did you tear up as you looked at them and envisioned your future?!

nolan is SO BIG and changing so much!

Kellie said...

We miss you all! Our neice and nephew are both so beautiful-hope to see yall soon. Uncle B and Aunt Kellie

Anonymous said...

Love the dress! Where ever did you find such a thing. Just kidding. I love all the pics. Your kiddos are cutie pies.