Monday, December 22, 2008

We've been busy . . . but it is slowing down now!

Things have been very busy around here.  We are now on a 2 week break from school and I can feel much of the stress being lifted off of my shoulders.  Here is a little bit of what we have been up to.  In no particular order . . .

In November, Nathan's parents came for Thanksgiving.  It was interesting considering my oven had gone out and we had no oven for Thanksgiving.  I managed to make a ham in a roaster oven, dressing in the crockpot (thanks to the crockpot lady!), buy some pies, and everything else was done on the stovetop.  We did get a new oven the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, though.   
Here is a picture of Kaylee and her Nana baking Nana's famous chocolate chip cookies.  They are huge! 

The first weekend in December, Santa made is annual visit on the fire truck.  Nolan was more excited that there was a fire truck in front of our house than the fact that Santa was here.  Santa brought him a candy cane, and here is the aftermath . . .
(Yuck . . . I can't stand being sticky.  Just looking at the pictures makes my skin crawl.)

Santa and the kids

Santa talking to Nolan

Kaylee likes to "read" before bed after we read to her.  I went downstairs to finish up the laundry and when I came back upstairs, this is how she was sleeping.  She fell asleep while reading the book.  She was out.  We were able to safely remove the book without her waking up.

And finally, December 12 I finished my graduate degree and received my M.Ed. in Leadership of Learning.  After two and a half years, and and a really patient husband, I am thrilled to be done.  
Here is a picture of the majority of the Leadership of Learning students.  There were 36 of the 39 of us at graduation.  Nathan was trying to take a picture over the crowd.  I feel like I know these people all very well, even though we live in all different parts of the state.  One of our graduates actually finished her degree in Germany.  

And, the big moment . . .

(Mom has some better pictures of me getting hooded.  Nathan was trying to wrangle kids at the time.  I will have to share those later.)

Thanks for stopping by to share some of our memories!


Phillips Family said...

Congrats on the degree! What a major accomplishment!

stacey said...

the kids look so big!

you look great in black!!! congrats!

Laura said...

The santa pics are so cute! You look so happy at graduation. Way to go!

Jeri said...

Congrads on your Degree, I think you must be SuperMom....The pics are so cute of the kids!!
Love, Jeri