Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I like . . .

Dr. Pepper not Pepsi
Fox News not CNN
the Angels not the Yankees
Mac not PC
Dogs not cats
Letterman not Leno (Nathan likes Leno.  This means there is a lot of channeling flipping around 10:35!)
Sean Hannity more than Rush Limbaugh
Hot dogs not hamburgers (unless it is In N Out burgers)
CSI not Law and Order
Baseball not basketball
Nike not Addidas
Lounging by the pool not swimming
Grey's Anatomy not ER
Facebook more than myspace
Taco Bueno not Taco Bell
Hannah Montana not Sponge Bob
Chicken not fish
Wii Fit not PS2
Running on the treadmill not outside
Saturdays not Mondays
Target not Wal-Mart
RV camping not tent camping

I like Mom's chocolate pie, the beach, family dinners, Nathan's work ethic, Nolan's laugh, Kaylee's smile, finishing homework, watching a child finally "get it," Days of Our Lives, American Girl, finding a good deal, wine, Costco, Gymboree, Ann Taylor Loft, Sprouts, teaching, coffee, warm brownies, bare minerals makeup, traveling, time with girl friends, and cooking.


Jennifer said...

fun, that's a neat post. Cool to see what you like!

Cyndy said...

Ahhhh, that's so sweet about Mom's chocolate pie. I may have to bake you one!

I like this post. I may have to borrow the idea.


Laura said...

Me too! Brings back memories from college!Glad you guys are home safe & had a good trip. Can't wait to see you!

Laura said...

I am back to blogging! Feels good to have a routine now that includes it. :) I added you to the other email you gave me. We'll see if it works. Let me know...

stacey said...

fun one! might add it to my blog to-do list!