Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just for fun!

We are currently doing a "cutest baby" contest among the teachers at school. So, I had Mom email me some pics of me as a baby. Please ignore all ugly shoes! Mom assures me that they were told during this time period that these shoes were so important in the development of feet, but now I wonder if these ugly shoes are the reason for my bad feet! I was inspired to post these after my friend, Stacey, posted pics of her hubby as a little boy. Enjoy! And notice how much my 9 month picture looks like Nolan, who turned 9 months on Sunday!

18 months

1 year

9 months

6 months


Jennifer said...

Cute pics! Yes, I do see similarities in your baby pictutures.

Cant' wait to see you tonight!

stacey said...

you need to have more so poor nathan has a shot! you must have the dominant genes! but then again, we are women!!

Cyndy said...

You were just the cutest baby!!!! Seeing those shoes brings back memories of the pitter-patter they made! What memories!