Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Pictures

Okay, most of these pictures are not "new." They have been "stuck" in my camera for awhile now! And they are not in the order that I intended, but I don't have time to try and rearrange them. So, enjoy!

Bike from Granna and Grandpa for K's birthdady

Barbie from Uncle B and Aunt Kellie

Kaylee with gift from Luke and Anysa

Kaylee and her birthday cake

Kaylee thought Nolan needed a band-aid. Doesn't he seem excited?

Cupcakes that Kaylee took to school for her birthday. I am sure her teacher loved me after cleaning up all of that hot pink icing!

Nolan sitting up

Nolan sittting up, "I'm a big boy!"

Kaylee feeding Nolan

Nolan: "I'm ready to GO!!"

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Cyndy said...

Love the pictures, but I have to say, I'm shocked!!!! Nolan doesn't even look the same as he did at Kaylee's birthday. He has changed so much!!!! You're really going to have to post pictures more often as he is changing daily. Looks like he's ready to start crawling and exploring!! Miss them both! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. Give them kisses for me! Love, Granna