Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm still here!

Well, it appears that for the first time in 3 weeks I have a few moments to sit down and write a blog post. Unfortunately, since I have been so encompassed in school and work, I really do not have anything interesting to report. As busy as I am, I am loving most of my internship duties (not lunch duty or bus duty!). I cannot wait to become an Assistant Principal. In fact, now that I have had a touch of what is to come, it is very hard to continue teaching. I love my students, but I am really looking forward to a different position. I must be patient, though. I cannot begin applying until I graduate in December of 2008.

Nolan is now 7 months. He is loving sweet potatoes, bananas, applesauce, pears, and peaches. Luckily, the only problems he has had were with the squash (see cute pictures below) and carrots. He showed an allergy to the squash (supposed to be least allergenic!) and he just did not like the taste of the carrots. I think he will be crawling very soon. He is trying to take off, but he is going backwards right now.

Kaylee is still loving school and her teacher. She gets so excited to go to school. She cracks me up! She tends to get things confused a lot. She keeps telling everyone that she is going the be the flower girl in her Uncle Dustin's wedding and that Ely is going to be the "dinglebear." She means "ringbearer." The other day she came home from school to report to me that "Garrett got his brains out today, so he wasn't at school." To which I replied, "WHAT!?!" She replied, "You know, Mom, he had to have his brains taken out." "Brains?" I asked. "Yep, you know, like when I had mine out," and she points to her open mouth. Hmmmmm . . . "Do you mean your adenoids?" "YES!!, that's what they are called!", she replies. I am very glad to report that no one in her class has had their brains out.

I hope to get to post again soon! I will try to check some blogs real quick!


Jennifer said...

I hate that you are so busy but glad you are loving your new responsibilities. It will give you so much to look forward to.

I can't believe that Nolan doesn't like carrots. They are sweet and most kids love them. Have the formula issues gotten better?

Kaylee is too funny with her stories. The imagination of a four-year old.

Can't wait to see you on Monday.

stacey said...

oh the words these kids choose to say! crawling??!! noooooooooo!

Cyndy said...

So glad to see you're still alive and kicking! I've been worried about your busy schedule, but I can tell in your voice that you like what you're doing with your intern. Makes a difference when you enjoy it! Next time I get to see the kids, Nolan will probably be walking!!!!!

Phillips Family said...

I think you will make an awesome assistant principal one day...keep up the good work with your studies!

I am so glad no one actually had their brains removed from Kaylee's class as that would have been quite unfortunate!

Laura said...

It was great to see you & the kids this week. I am so thankful that we all get together. It is something that I always look forward to. You are doing a great job with your school & job responsibilities. You will be a great assist. principal one day soon!!