Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Wonderful Husband

Nathan surprised me last night! He had my friend Stacey call and ask me to go to dinner. I didn't know that he had hired a babysitter and he was actually taking me to dinner. He recruited Stacey so that I would get ready in time because I told him yesterday that I just wanted to veg out and not even put on any makeup. (I was looking forward to dinner with you though, Stacey!) I was gone for my birthday, so he decided to take me out last night. He took me to PF Chang's. It was great. Then he gave me this wonderful necklace. This was really special because it is the first piece of jewelry that he has bought me other than my engagment ring! So, I was shocked. It has a sapphire at the top for Kaylee's birthstone, a diamond, and then an aquamarine stone for Nolan's birthstone. It is beautiful! (The picture did not turn out that great, it doesn't really do it justice!)


stacey said...

don't you hate it when people lie to you, especially bad lying! but obviously, i am better at it than nathan! actually, i tried really hard to be vague in our conversation so i would not actually be lying!

the necklace is yummy!


Jennifer said...

Tell Nathan that I'm so impressed. The necklace looks beautiful.

Laura said...

wow..he did good & sneaky too. Way to go, Nathan.