Thursday, May 17, 2007


Do not read this post if you have Tivo'ed Gray's Anatomy and have not watched it yet!

Okay, I just need to vent! First of all, let me just say that the highlight of my week is watching Gray's. So, I am expecting the season finale to be the highlight of the season. No. It was just depressing. Nothing turned out the way it should. Christina and Burke didn't get married. Meredith and McDreamy are ending. George failed his test. Bailey didn't get Chief Resident. Addison is leaving. Alex didn't get Ava (not too upset about that one, though. She needs to be with her hubby.) In my opinion, Izzy never should have professed her love for George. Grrr. And no previews for next season? Come on. Leave me hanging. Leave me wanting more!

Okay, now Lexie, the new resident at the end, is that Meredith's sister? And is that the girl Derek met in the bar last week? If so, that could be interesting. And was Christina happy or sad when she was ripping the wedding dress off? What will George do? Please tell me he is not leaving the show.

Even though I am not happy with the finale, I will still be watching the next season!

What are your thoughts on the season finale?


Jennifer said...

I too was very disappointed! I was very shocked that Burke called off the wedding but think he did the right thing. I like Cristina and think she's funny at times but he was always in it more than her. I'm not sure at the end if she was happy to rip that dress off or not. She kept saying "I'm free!" so guess she was relieved. I was SOOOOO mad at Meridith for not taking her chance to tell McDreamy that he was the one and that she loved him. What a fool. I think that means bad things in the future for them. At the end, I was confused too about the girl- yes, it was the one from the bar. Could it be her half sister? Her dad remarried and was out of the picture for so long. I wish they would have at least given previews for next season. I felt very abandoned and alone (totally kidding here) when it was over!! I hope George doesn't leave eiter. Come on Izzie- you are a cute girl. Go find another bone. Did you see the previews for Addison's new show? A bunch of hot doctors! Although it did end with several "cliffhangers" I did feel a bit cheated.

Jennifer H. said...

Yes, I can't wait for Addison's new show. Did you the one a few weeks ago where she was with all of those doc's? I think it will be really good. One more show to add to my TV addiction!

I just saw the girl who sang that song at the end of the Gray's last night on Good Morning America. I really liked the song.

Meredith is really ticking me off. She needs to get over herself.

Anonymous said...

Lexi is in fact Meredith's half-sister. She was milling about in the background last episode when Thatcher came to the hospital to (perhaps drunkenly) insist that Meredith wasn't welcome at the funeral.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I didn't catch her in the background. Good eye anonymous! I bet she comes in and makes a big mess. She's cute.

Yes, the one a couple of weeks ago where Addison went to California was good and had some cute doctors. I hope it's a good show!

Anonymous said...

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