Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas in Cali

My little man

The fam

Temper tantrum in response to, "K, it's time to go."

Nolan and Grandpa

Kaylee picking an avocado with Grandpa

My sweet boy

Isn't he precious?

"OH, Mom, I am so tired of pictures!"

Little elf

Christmas cuties

K and I have matching p.j.'s (Uncle B and aunt Kellie got K hers for Christmas and I went and bought the Mommy version!)

Checking out what Santa brought

K loves her Nikki American Girl doll!

More pics to come! You can tell I was having fun learning to use my new camera!


stacey said...

so cute! the kids and the pics! don't forget to remind me which program you are using.

Cyndy said...

love the pictures! kaylee looks so old!

Erica said...

I love all the Christmas pictures. Especially the one of your family all on the slide. Glad to see that you had a wonderful Christmas season.