Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fun at Granna and Grandpa's house

Kaylee, Nolan, and I had a great visit at my parent's house in Abilene. Mom helped me a lot with Nolan. I was really able to catch up on some much-needed rest. Brandon and Kellie and my grandparents were able to meet Nolan. Overall, it was great!

Top 10 highlights of the trip to Abilene: (in no particular order!)

10. Seeing Kaylee play dress-up in my old clothes. (Think 80's and early 90's) The dress she is wearing in the pictures is from a formal I went to in 9th grade. I promise it was in style at that time!!

9. Seeing my parents and grandparents. And eating some great meals with them! Mom made wonderful home-cooking while I was there!

8. Watching the excitement on Kaylee's face when she got to take a bath in Granna's big bathtub.

7. Sleep!

6. Seeing Kaylee climb into my Dad's lap to watch a movie like I used to do (even if it was for just a split-second! After all, Snickers needed that lap!)

5. Catching Kaylee talking to herself in my Mom's full-length mirror while playing dress-up and her getting so embarassed!

4. Me pulling a loose hair off of Kaylee's back and showing her while saying, "Wow. Look at your hair." Kaylee replies in a very whiny voice, "Hey! I really liked that hair!" She acted as though that were her favorite hair on her head of many, many curls!

3. Four generations of women trying to make it through a shopping trip at Target. Nana, Mom, me, Kaylee, and Nolan went to Target. I will not try that again! Kaylee had $10 to spend from her Grandma Fischer, and I had visions of my little brother with a hole burning in his pocket to spend the money! Kaylee acted just like Brandon and could not decide what to buy. She hated everything we suggested to her. She finally decided on a Princess Sticker book (see #1 on the list!) and a Princess story book.

2. Did I mention sleep? Mom slept with me each night and helped me by bringing Nolan to me when he was ready to eat and changing his diaper and burping him. Amazing what a difference that can make in your sleep!

1. Trying to make it back home fast because I knew Nolan would need to feed again. I was so impressed with how quiet Kaylee was and how good she was behaving. Then, I heard Nolan screaming. My first thought . . . "Great, now I am going to have to pull off somewhere and nurse him in the car." Then, I looked in my rear-view mirror to the handy-dandy mirror that helps me see Nolan since he is in the center and is rear-facing in his car-seat. To my surprise, my 3 week-old baby is covered in Princess stickers! My sweet 3 year-old daughter decided to decorate her baby brother and he was not happy, and neither was I! I am beginning to rethink this whole "the center is the safest seat in the car" idea for the newborn. I think further away from Big Sister's car-seat may be safer!


Jennifer said...

how funny! The sticker story is the best! I'm cracking up at the dress....I remember those days. Glad you had a good time and a safe trip back.

Cyndy said...

I really enjoyed your visit and miss all of you already. Kaylee was so good and of course, I loved holding and rocking Nolan. I've already recovered from the loss of sleep and I'm ready for another visit! Wish we could do it again soon. Give my Kayleebug a great big kiss and stroke Nolan's sweet little cheeks for me.