Saturday, March 10, 2007

Big Sister

Kaylee is learning to be a big sister. It is hardwork!! The main issue is that she wants Mommy when Nolan needs Mommy. She tends to "need" me when I am feeding Nolan. I think this week will be challenging, but if we can make it through this week, then I think it will be okay. Mom has been here all week to distract her in the evenings, but now I will have to get real creative in the evenings.

Here is a picture of the dress Mom got Kaylee that matches her doll. She is very excited to wear it to church tomorrow.


Cyndy said...

It's only been a few hours, but I already miss all of you very much. I know you will do fantastic this week. In fact, I think it might surprise you how well everything will go. Give my big girl and little boy a good night kiss for me!

Jennifer said...

The dress is precious.....good work Cyndy! You will have times when you feel like your house is a 3 ring circus but remember that it's normal. Kaylee will get used to Nolan and hopefully she will adjust to having him around. I know you will do awesome with both of them. Call me if you need anything!

Jennifer said...

I'm checking for new pics. They change so much those first few days!!