Saturday, May 31, 2008

Smurf Girl and Daredevil Boy

Kaylee and Nathan had a Daddy and Daughter day on her last day of preschool.  As they were driving home, he thought she seemed really quiet.  He looked back to see her coloring herself with a blue marker.  It was everywhere!  He was less than thrilled to take her home and try to get all of the marker off!

Nolan is my climber.  I know he is trying to scare me to death.  Today, I was able to catch some shots of him climbing to his favorite climbing place in the playroom.  Seriously.  I know my hair is getting more grey everyday!

These are a little out of order and some of them are not too clear because I was trying to hurry and take the pics to catch Nolan in action.

Here he is after climbing over the couch.

Kaylee needed to get in on the picture action.

Smurf girl

Here is the first picture I caught of him climbing up the couch.  He is on the arm of it here.

And, on the back of the couch.  "Oh man, she sees me.  She is going to make me get down!"

"I'll just hurry and take a little peak to see if I can see Daddy mowing out there."

"Hmm . . . maybe I should just balance and walk all the way across the back of the couch."

On a different note, I am so ready for school to be out!! 
We do not get out until June 5 this year and the students are 
beginning to lose their minds.  
And so are the teachers!! ;-)


stacey said...

First, I miss you and the kids sooo much! Especially seeing the kids!


Third, HA HA HA and congratulations on Nolan's climbing skills! While Anysa and Kaylee were always adventureous gals, as you know now, these boys are a whole different ballgame! My own is wearing me OUT at this point!

Jennifer said...

that blue ink is crazy! Oh my.

That Nolan is sure a monkey boy!