Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School

Kaylee started Preschool today. She was so excited. I am a little sad to say that she did not mind me leaving her. She was ready to go. And she was so proud of her new Princess lunchbox. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.


Kaylee and her teacher, Mrs. Hamilton

Kaylee at the kitchen area

Who needs a thumb when you have toes?

Nolan loves to suck his toes. He does it all the time. Here are some examples:

This morning on the way to Kaylee's first day of school, she said, "Mom, Nolan is sucking his toes back here. Please don't let him do that in my class. I would be so embarassed!" She is such a teenager!

Nolan thinking, "I want the camera!"


Jennifer said...

Too cute- Cooper is a toe sucker at times too!

Kaylee is such a big girl. The drama starts!! She looks precious in her first day outfit- she is really getting so tall and thin.

Glad she had a great first day!

Erica said...

Both of your children are so cute. I am glad that Kaylee had a good first day. Being the Mom we want them to cling a little when we leave but not cry because that would be too hard. But in the end it is nice to know that they are well adjusted and loved. At least that is what I tell myself. I am sure that she is going to have a wonderful year.

Laura said...

Great 1st day pics. She looks so grown up. When did her hair get so long?! I love it.

Phillips Family said...

Kayless is so beautiful. I think it is hilarious that she is already concerned about being embarrassed by her little brother.